Alexander Bondar

Alexander Bondar (pen name of Alexander BONDARENKO), a member of the Writer’s Union of Russia.

Lives at Vladivostok, Russia. general

Former general of the police. Awarded few medals for his excellent work.

Now he is vice-chairmen of Primorsky branch of Writer’s Union of Russia.

Published ten books that gained wide popularity with Russian public and abroad.

A winner of «International intellectual literature» World Best Practices Award (2012) and other literature prizes.

A. Bondar got the named Award together with artist Vs. Mechkovsky for their joint book «Fragments of Ice Mirrors»that is the original experiment combining elements of both literary and pictorial genres. The book is double-volume novel-story about artistic creativity, where the first (prosaic) part is Bondar’s truthful novel «Wandering in the Mist» about artist life and his creative work, and the second (pictorial) part is Mechkovsky’s «Against the current. Artist’s life in his pictures» (the name tells its own tale) as the artist’s theme collection of his paintings’ reproductions accompanied by articles and comments of Primorye’s art critics.

Alexander Bondar and Vsevolod Mechkovsky are laureates of «International intellectual literature» World Best Practices Magazine Award (2012) for their novel «Fragments of Ice Mirrors»